I Survived

I actually did. I have been to the supermarket 3 times today (i love driving) and kept forgetting something, but I survived the chocolate aisle *Woo hoo!*, with all of its fancy colours, tempting specials and a variety of flavours, I am so proud of myself.  The thought was going through my head “just one more” and “I won’t do it again”, but I survived the temptation.

I usually would walk straight into the supermarket and go straight to the chocolate section and get whatever was on special because in my head I was justifying getting a treat because it was cheap (excuses, excuses).

Top Eight Things I did to distract myself from temptation:

Making a list and sticking to it, mark it off
Called my mum asking her if we needed anything else
Checking my steps, pedometer
Avoid that section
Look the other way from my bad habits
Have my shake or meal before going anywhere
Exercise after going to the supermarket
Listen to my iPod



Sharing my experiences with the world!

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3 comments on “I Survived
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