Looking after me

Sometimes I forget that my body really does suffer a lot from the cruelty of not looking after it, so now it is time to pamper myself!  With exercising on the treadmill, sprint bike, etc, my body is becoming more rejuvenated and healthier. It certainly won’t hurt for me to give back to my body for looking after me.

Top Eight things that are going to become a ritual to me:

  • Wake up and stretch and exercise
  • Shower and exfoliate
  • Nutrimetics Cleanser, toner and moisturiser face
  • Apply moisturiser to my entire body
  • Always apply Sunblock before leaving home
  • Moisturise from head to toe just before bed
  • Finish off with gloves on hands, socks on feet, wrap my hair.
  • Have a good nights rest.

I want to really look after my whole body, not just the inside, but the outside as well.  I can prevent anymore damage to my body if I start looking after me properly and start now.  I feel great and I will  look great as well!

My nails are one thing that I thought I would never have because my nails use to be so flimsy and frail.  Since I am losing the weight, my nails have come fighting back.  This is exciting for me, I didn’t really get real strong nails, until my mid 20’s. Now I can paint them rather than just having stumps and it makes me feel even more like a girly girl, which I love!

Also my hair is looking really shiny.  I have a lot of hair and I really use to do nothing to it, apart from wash/brushing it and considering how much I have, I should look after it which I am doing a better job and it falls like one of those adds with the girl who flings her hair out of the way.  The curls are also doing the ping effect and it is so great to look in the mirror and see the visible difference.

I am actually learning more about my body, the in’s and the out’s, studying like crazy, appreciating what my body has done for me and I thank my body for putting up with me for so long!  I am broadening my mind to a brighter future.  From both sides!  Eat right, Stay fit and becoming a new and improved me.


Sharing my experiences with the world!

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2 comments on “Looking after me
  1. evanstang says:

    Thanks for all the useful health tips. Please keep going! 🙂

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