Aching from Exercise! It’s worth it!

Over the past 3 days I have been doing an intense training workout that involves me doing a minimum of 1200 calories a day (treadmill, exercise bike, etc…) and eating the right food for me (and my Herbalife Shakes) to keep my energy levels up and my body constantly burning even when I am not exercising, but also dispersing it over the whole day and not over doing it because I certainly don’t want to strain or pull anything.  In order to have the body that I aspire to have, I MUST start listening to my body and knowing when to push myself that extra kilometre or just leave it for the next round of exercise.  My body is slowly getting use to the intense workout, so I will stick with this routine till next week on Sunday and then make the exercise more intense and possibly change my diet.  If I am going to train hard, then I will definitely need the right food for energy, stamina & strength.

At the moment I am doing:

40 minutes on the Treadmill
25 minutes on the Bike
15 reps on the Total Gym
45-50 minutes Walking around my town circuit
30 minutes doing a DVD Work Out
1-2 hours at the Gym for Machines or a Group Fitness Class

When it comes to the food that won’t change yet because I have gotten myself into a routine because this week has been a really tough one. Having Spaghetti Bolognese *Sigh*, Cheesy Penne with Tuna *Yummy* and a few more of my favourite dishes in the house has made my mouth water and Oreos and the list goes on and I have to stop thinking about it before I go and get some snacks from the supermarket. I am strong and temptation will NOT control me, I will control the temptation.

If you would like to see my food schedule, click on the link below for more details.

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2 comments on “Aching from Exercise! It’s worth it!
  1. Excellent article. I am facing many of these issues as well..

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