Grape harvesting with extra pounds!

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Can you imagine the thought of being 28kg over weight, well I certainly do.  I worked on the Grape Harvest for about 4 months and did I feel it.  Hauling myself up & down the ladder and it was so tiring by the end of the night I would practically collapse into bed because my body ached in all sorts of places, I felt muscles that I didn’t know existed and my fitness levels did go up, but I wasn’t eating the right food.  Not only that, every afternoon I looked like I had been out partying then I woke up with the “Hang over” look, even though I didn’t have the energy to do that.  But I was very good at acting like I was an energiser bunny (that keeps on going and going and going…..) and I had to keep up with everyone else that had been Grape Harvesting for a few years.  Didn’t take long for me to prove my point, girls can work on farms! 😀  Just so you know I am a girly girl that loves looking good, wearing make-up and heels, but when it comes to work, I love physically demanding jobs that are usually left for men.  Unusual combination I know, but that is who I am.

What my diet consisted of while doing the harvest:

  • Energy Drinks (gave me zing for a few hours, not enough though).  Red Bull was my favourite.
  • Pies.
  • Hot potato Chips.
  • McDonald’s.
  • Anything from the shopping centre food court.
  • KFC.
  • Take Away Convenience Stores.

And so many more things, none of which gave my body any nutrition or energy or anything.  Don’t get me wrong, eating junk food or convenience food occasionally is fine, but every night (I was working 7 day a week) is not good for sustenance or endurance  especially for my body.  It needs healthy food that will disperse energy for long duration.  And the exercise was beneficial, but because I wasn’t consuming the right food my body was having a lot of trouble working all the excess rubbish off!  So have I learnt my lesson most definitely and I will eat the right food and keep exercising because my body deserves that and so do I!

Working out in a field with guys is fantastic and I’m not out there to look good, I am out there to do a good job and I do it very well (I know so, that is all that matters) with helping fix machinery, cleaning the harvester while it constantly goes between 10 – 20 hours, driving some of the machinery, making sure the grapes go in the wine bin, making sure the harvesters and tractors go in the right rows to avoid collisions, there are so many things to think about that my mind is always stimulated and my body is working with me.  Tis also why I have to keep my body strong for all of this tasks to be achieved.  It definitely is possible for anybody to do the job, but you have to want to do it.

Now the task with regards to food and fitness.  Well I walked 700 calories away today, so I will be putting more effort in espacially considering I will be working on the grape harvester and working out as well maintain my physic and keep my body strong for all the heavy lifting (not me, the grape vines, lol), while keep to my stricted food routine which are in the articles below:

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So while I am on the work out and eat well path, I will also show you the grape harvest through my eyes and you will be able to get why I am doing it!

Wine grape harvest in the Italian wine region ...


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2 comments on “Grape harvesting with extra pounds!
  1. alwaysandie says:

    You’re a grape harvester?! That’s awesome! I’ve never known anyone with a job like that. It sounds really rewarding. Good luck with your health living! I’ll stop back to check out your progress. 🙂 My mother was just recently diagnosed with diabetes type two, which had a really large impact on my wanting to live a healthy and active lifestyle as well.

    • lamostz says:

      I work on a grape harvester as an offsider, occassionally drive the tractors and have tried driving a harvester. And it is great to you hear something new everyday. Sorry to hear about your mother and may you enjoy the progress as much as I do! Thank you.

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