Fitness, while getting paid.

I have just finished a 16 hour shift working on the grape harvester and tired doesn’t even describe how I feel right now. Aching joints and muscles are a definite. Cuts, marks and bruising, not even going there because they are like battle scars. I have to admit that the grape is brilliant for my complexion and tightening my skin.  I am a girly girl and for the next two and a half months I will have to cut my nails, but the best part this is only about 10 weeks the money is great, my body will tone up and I am out in the field free to do and be who I want to be.

What I love about working out in the field:

Red, black and green tea

  • Money
  • Body toning
  • Skin tightening
  • Tan
  • Physically Strong
  • Freedom to be me

I have aches and pains, but I am looking after myself by eating:

Home Made Concord Grape Juice

I must have the right food and exercise that disperse energy slowly because after doing 10 hours plus the body starts to get tired and obviously so do I, lol.  It is a long time to be on the back of a harvester, but also finding food that will sit on the back of a machine in an esky (cooler) and can last for more than 10 hours possibly longer.  Also know that I must have snacks during the night because I don’t want to over eat because that would defeat the purpose of losing weight and toning up.  And I have to head off to work tonight on the harvest and I can’t forget my music, food or water because I have to eat and entertain myself somehow 😀 ! 

When it comes to stopping the cravings what do you do???


Sharing my experiences with the world!

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